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FEATURES, CAMPAIGN AND A.I. -  IN MORE DETAIL  (for the very brief version see the Store page) OBD Software is proud to bring you their trademark immersive single player combat flight simulation experience - now for World War Two!    Leading on from “WOFF” our immersive WW1 combat flight simulator, now we bring you WINGS OVER THE REICH.   Below are just some of the features, there really are too many to go through here, but it will give the reader an idea of the detail and scale of WOTR ...   .: WOTR is an air combat simulator for WW2 at the heart of which    is a  real-time, fully immersive single player dynamic campaign    system, designed to immerse the player in a living world!  .: WOTR manager/menu interface also manages all aspects of the    dynamic campaign and can take full advantage of WOTR AI pilots     (computer controlled Artificial Intelligence pilots) and many new     WW2 features. .: OBD’s Unique Dynamic Campaign Engine specially designed for WW2. A Real Immersive Dynamic Campaign for World War Two air combat.   The New WOTR Manager controls and creates the new campaigns and unique missions.   Flights are often timed to Enlist in an immersive dynamic campaign as a WW2 pilot in one of two Nations (currently); Britain – flying the Hurricane MKI late or Germany flying the Messerschmitt Bf109 E4.  With immersive detailed cockpits, including damage systems that can take out cockpit dial and so on.  Also includes other AI flyable aircraft see further below.   We aim to add more and more flyables in the future in addons or expansions. .:  Newly designed dynamic campaign system covering the 5 main phases of the Battle of Britain from 10th July to 31st October 1940. .: Enlist in any of these included squadrons: 36 British Squadrons - including the famous RAF 303 Polish Squadron 22 German Squadrons .:  Each squadron has morale which can change, as does the individual AI pilots. .:  Auto-enlist option where you are assigned automatically to a squadron, or Manually choose which squadron, which phase of Battle of Britain    to enlist in and more! .:  Fully interactive Pilot log books keep track of up to 100 virtual    pilots that you may enlist at any given time. The Log Book reflects    Pilot Biography, User selected Photograph and accurately tracks the flyers Flights and Hours, Claims and Victories, Awards, and General Squadron Details such as location etc. .: Fly and survive – put claims in for potential kills (optional configuration settings allows kills to be awarded immediately) and climb the ranks and receive awards. .:  Lead your flight or be lead - depending on your rank as a leader you can control your flight with key commands and lead them to destiny. .:  Select your own personal skin (Optionally players may create additional personal skins in their favourite paint program and use them). .:  Equip your flight and your personal aircraft load outs, from flight loads to individual pilot loads in your flight. .: Morale, Skill, Materials and Manpower Issues are allocated and dealt with in the WOTR interface where you can see the status of your squadron .: Authentic aircraft skins and alternatives for Hurricane MKI and Bf109 E4 and other aircraft    skins or paint schemes, and more can be added.  .:  Many ground targets of opportunity, also includes these detailed AI controlled aircraft in the skies with authentic aircraft     textures (‘skins’); Spitfire MKIa Junkers Ju88 A1Junkers Ju87 B1Messerschmitt Bf 110 C4               Dornier Do17 Z2              Heinkel He111 H2 We aim to add more and more flyables in the future in addons or expansions. .:   Fly in a dynamic world with no artificial 'air spawns'.  All aircraft are dynamically assigned to fly from real squadron bases where possible .:  If you deviate from your flight path beware: there is a war on, and you may run into these squads and ground units - for good or bad - together with active ground units. .: Flights are sometimes waiting on the ground at fields to take off or are 'scrambled for take off and interception, based on in-coming aircraft approach – another part that creates the 'living world'. .:  Protect your men and material - excessive losses can eventually lead to your squadron becoming grounded whilst you wait for your replacement pilots, aircraft or repairs. .:  Visit the stores room to evaluate aircraft stock and aircraft repairs status .:  Each Phase of the Battle of Britain is represented in the campaign, from the earlier Shipping attacks, Attacks on Fighter Command Airfields to all-out war on London. .:  A master 'Order of Battle' system controls the air and ground activity .:  Pre-Flight briefing interface shows details of the intended operation, way-points, and target on an interactive map so that you are fully aware of what you have to do and more. .:  Accurate tracking of all player squadron pilots, including the players A and B flight members, in runtime, for accurate post mission results and tallies. Each of the AI pilots in your squad have logbooks which you can peruse to evaluate their progression strengths, weaknesses, claims and kills, and even view their medals. .:  Fly over beautiful landscape, and come home over the cliffs of Dover (ensure scenery is set on high in workshops). .:  Fly with either dynamically changing weather. Other features include windscreens that are affected by weather (frosty, rainy, etc.).  4 changing seasons represented in the terrain, including several levels of winter including several snow from heavy to light. .: Detailed Player Flyable Aircraft:                   Hawker Hurricane MKI (Late)            Messerschmitt Bf109 ‘Emil’ E4       Both complete with fully immersive detailed cockpits, with custom cockpit damage. .: Full Original WOTR Music Score by MATT MILNE! A brand new full score written specially for WOTR containing 16 superb detailed tracks to get you into the mood!  Matt also wrote the highly aclaimed haunting musical scores in the WOFF series of flight simulators. .: Superb Scenery and Scenery Objects Improved scenery for WW2 England and France - much change since our WW1 sim that had moving No Mans Land front lines!  Scenery includes new towns, villages. New layouts, new buildings and so on. .: WW2 Damage systems More detailed damage systems, partial / full damage to various parts such as ailerons, elevators, wings, fuselage panels and so on. .: Quick Combat  Set up mini battles to test your mettle.  Quickly save setup missions as Quick Scenarios with several flights and mixed aircraft types, Starting altitudes, skills and so on. .: Quick Scenarios   Jump in more detailed pre set missions without playing in campaign, or fly your own made via QC .: Superb Artificial Intelligence  "AI"   WOTR brings a thrilling WW2 experience using our superb and much acclaimed AI technology - improved for the demands of WW2.   The AI is based on competent AI features seen previously in WOTR to give you an exciting rewarding single player experience like no other.  See below for a taste of what the AI has to offer (just some of the features, too many to write about). .: AI in more detail: Here are some Developers' comments on some of the superb new features in Wings Over The Reich , many not seen before in-flight simulators of this kind, and how they all combine to produce a full WW2 air war experience;  We hope everyone understands that the AI are quite a lot more human in WOTR than in any sim that has gone before - they do not always engage,  and nor do they always fight to the death - like humans eventually survival instincts kick in. The Artificial Intelligence that drives the computer controlled pilots has many unique factors designed originally for our WW1 flight simulator ‘WOFF’ and now added to and improved for WW2. In WOTR, the AI skill levels affect many unique factors. Vision. The AI actually looks an scans the skies on a regular basis. Vision varies depending on direction and angles, and skill. For example looking back and down behind his head is worse than forward level.  Novice has much worse vision than Ace etc. Moral. AI has personal dynamic moral. If bad things happen he may run for home or panic. Again novices are more affected than Veteran or Ace etc.  It will change on many factors.  Squad moral, flight moral and individual moral levels can change, and are affected by their experience level/skill and what’s happening around them.   For example an AI suffering combat damage may be ‘shook up’ (as seem in the after combat report which can affect their overall moral.  Combat Skill.  Higher skills know more manoeuvres, and also can execute them better, and also have better shooting accuracy. Fatigue.  Combat and low level pilot can drain a pilot, physically and mentally.  Higher skills can stay in the fight longer as they deal with fatigue better. There are many many factors that affect whether a Flight/AI Pilot will engage:1) Situation - number of enemy vs number of friendlies; ·         Above or below and how far above or below? ·         Altitude speed direction?  ·         Can they catch them?  ·         Over friendly or enemy territory?  ·         How far to nearest lines? ·         What are our Fuel and Ammo levels?  ·         Is attacking this flight the mission objective? ·         Are we being attacked?  ·         What type of enemy craft are there?  ·         Has the leader spotted them? (Note: vision quality varies by skill rating and weather, clouds block view and haze shortens view distance). 2) Morale and Skill ·         How good is the AI individually and as a group (their skills) ? ·         How is their morale currently? ·         If in a bomber do they have escort (escorts boosts the escorted pilots’ morale) 3) Craft state and Pilot health ·         How good is the craft he is flying ·         What condition is his aircraft in? ·         What capabilities does his aircraft have? ·         What health does the AI have? 4) The Morale of the AI pilots changes over time in your squadron - either getting better or worse depending how you all fare. Be aware your AI Squad mates may not be in a hurry to be as foolhardy as you. Each pilot has his own morale, as well as a general flight morale.  Once an attack begins only the AI pilot’s own morale counts! What Additional factors affect the AI once in an engagement? : 1) The abilities of the craft he is in with regard to manoeuvres 2) His skills ability to execute manoeuvres 3) Fatigue - its tiring to keep hauling a WW2 machine all over the skies(1 and 2 also including dynamic changes due to damage) You can override this behaviour and make AI always attack (ignore their wellbeing) by selecting ‘AI always engages’ option in Workshop settings. What Other factors can affect the AI in Transit? : 1) If the AI decide to RTB they may seek out the nearest friendly airfield rather than risk going all the way to their homefield - depends on craft damage and pilot health factors. 2) If the homefield is busy or many craft have already landed again they may divert to another nearby friendly field.3) If the AI is breaking off due to morale issues they may well return to their homefield, or another field, out of formation. Note: the AI will always land properly at a field if he is undamaged (Pilot and Machine), or in an open field, if he is has sustained Machine or Health damage but still has sufficient Machine control. What determines the skill and morale of my AI squad mates? : The rating of the Squad you are in and the number good pilots in the Squad basically affects the skills that your pilots have, existing and new incomers, as well as the base morale - the base morale of your squad mates will improve or get worse depending on how the missions pan out over time - deaths rate success rate etc.. Where is the Enemy on Intercepts and Scrambles? :  Intercepts / Scrambles Generally these are reports from Radar, or aircraft observers that craft have been seen – for example coming over the channel to England.  You are given the vextor to try to intercept them – also if no enemy is there, best to loiter to see if you can spot them and hit them on the way back or see if you have arrived early.Some missions through you straight to the mission in your aircraft bypassing any mission briefing session. Remember:  The enemy is moving! They do not “spawn” in thin air like most sims they are actually out there flying missions some of which you will come across.   (enabling labels to ‘activity’ mode will let you see what’s going on in a certain range further than vision (although unrealistic it gives you an idea of flights that you may have missed otherwise).If you enrolled in a German Squad then the Allied fighters seldom where told to avoid chasing bombers and aircraft back over the channel to France - use this knowledge when flying back from your target to know when you may be safer. The German fighters and bombers on the other hand where over enemy territory. So scrambles from British fields can involve fighters either already up in the air to intercept you or maybe waiting on the ground ready to take off if you are spotted. There are options to increase or decrease the aircraft in the theatre at any given time depending on your workshop settings, so if you miss the Intercept or Scramble objective (don’t worry it happened) the theatre is still alive with flights so if you are leader or want to lone wolf it - go for it and explore.  Some Phases may have a 2 nd  wave for example coming. What determines when I lead B flight? : 1) Rank determines when you lead your Flight - if you are the highest Rank in the flight that mission then you will lead. 2) In Workshops you can select Always Lead if you want to override the Historical Rank and Squad Rating system. I have been given a Mission that I don't like: 1) There are a few options available to you though although of course in WW2 you had no choice and you could be shot for LMF. Exit the mission briefing if you have one, and then that mission will be gone, and you can come back to another. In workshops set Campaign Date Advance from Auto to Auto/Manual.Now in the main Campaign interface bottom right you will be able to advance time so when in the briefing room simply go back to the main campaign screen and advance time.  Even similar missions will  pan out differently. One exciting new feature with this option on, is the new icon in campaign can then be set ‘FAST time’ option. Now watch the clock move rapidly and auto launch you when there is a scramble or event!  Why don't we always go home in formation? : 1) Often the pilots would end up disoriented after a dog fight or ground attack mission and due to many issues would break off and head for home singly or in pairs or sometimes in smaller groups - fuel ammo and other factors could make them do this or simply a feeling that the job was done so RTB.As described by Battle of Britain veterans often as soon as they engaged they would lose sight of their squad mates and find themselves alone in the sky! Some go on home alone - shaken and wary of attack.This is how it is in WOTR often formations are no longer adhered to after a bitter episode of fighting or attacking ground targets and the AI will simply dribble in back to land. Factors that can affect this individual RTB are:Fuel and Ammo levelsPilot Health less than 100%Craft Damage levelsMorale LevelsOther times the formation keeping is maintained and they all go home in their formation - especially if no action took place. I see AI Sometimes Colliding with each other? : Collisions in WW2 were a real everyday risk - along with the possibility of mechanical failure - and they happened between friendlies and in the heat and swirl of dogfighting between friend and foe.  System and engine failures are in WOTR too…Whilst it is possible to make the AI like 'robots' that never collide and never make mistakes - we have not chosen to do this.   Rather as an example: take two opposing AI, they might choose to turn in the same direction to avoid each other in a head on - same as what can happen in real life. Sometimes the AI take over and lead the formation - I am leader what gives? : If the AI perceive that you are in trouble and think you are no longer able to lead properly a new leader takes over to carry out the mission. In trouble might mean: you have a mechanical problem - your engine has a malfunction and you are looking to land - note that the AI don't know if you have actual engine trouble or not but determine this if you are flying too slow or losing altitude too quickly for a certain time period.Also pressing CTRL+S (Split formation) means you are on your own and a new leader will take over. The Fighter/Bombers that I am meant to escort are not at the rendezvous point - where are they? : Sometimes the flight that you are meant to link up with are jumped or are early or late or some may suffer mechanical failures and turn back so yes they are not always there to meet up with you.Also if flying full real you may battle to locate them - the TAC and other aids can help - but yes it was not easy in WW2 either.Try loitering around the rendezvous point to see if you can locate them - the 2 seaters are often performing a fairly large circle depending on machine type.Finally switching on Auto pilot is another way to get a bead on them. If you are stuck, this is a good way to find them.If you fail to link up don't feel bad - it happened in real life too - and there will be more opportunities later. Based on our superb highly acclaimed AI for WW1, we have added and improved it for WW2.  Not aircraft are more aware of units behind them when running for home and may break off earlier to engage.  WW2 ordered landing techniques. More awareness of the WW2 aircraft capabilities and speeds.  One example ability to fly Ju87 and employ proper target acquisition of moving targets and use dive bomber techniques and bombing techniques.  New ground avoidance code for high speed combat low and more.    General comments on commanding AI using TAC and views. (Enemy and Friendly aircraft how can I spot view them?) Several ways in WOTR; 1) Bring up your TAC 'Shift+T" (toggle)Press 'TAB' to select an enemy Target or 'Shift-TAB' to select a friendly - the 'item' will go yellow in the TAC.Now cycle/switch the view pressing 'F1' a few times until it says at the top: Player Target View. Now 'F4' will toggle the view between player to target, or target to player. Notes: (Pressing T also changes target types to narrow a search to only certain object types. Pressing "tilde" (~ or ‘ on some keyboards) will padlock this target if you are in the cockpit when you select a target first). Also if you wish you can now remove the TAC and Tab key will still cycle through targets easily whilst in Player Target views.    Now you can press A to force an attack (they will choose enemies that are near the one you selected)  i.e. you are telling your flight to attack other members of the enemy flight around the enemy you chose. 2) Use the Observer view mode (free camera mode). Observer mode is experimental mode.To use observer view, press CTRL+F6, now rotate view with twist Z axis rotate joystick  and push forward back to move forward and back, use numpad 8 and 2 (up down arrows, with numpad enabled) to climb/dive view.Note rotate with the joystick is for twist sticks.  It may be your rudder that controls the rotate. And remember it is experimental if it doesn't work well or you find rendering problems far away from the player please do not report issus, please don’t use it if this bothers you.


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