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WINGS OVER THE REICH (‘WOTR’) History of Changes
UPDATE version - V1.19 25 October 2019 Download: click icon Size: 658 MB (690,462,146 bytes)
INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS FOR UPDATES Download the required update /patch, and save it to a folder on your hard drive. Make sure it has fully downloaded (check the size is correct). Then open the downloaded zip file. You must "Extract" or copy the file inside the zip to a new folder location on your hard drive - do NOT try to run it from within the zip. IMPORTANT: Make sure you exit Wings Over The Reich (‘WOTR’) completely if it is running. In Windows Explorer browse to the folder you extracted the file to, and double click on the new update patch file to install the patch. (Windows 10 : if you get a pop up titled "Windows protected your PC" click on "more info" and then click "Run Anyway" to run it). Follow the prompts to install. Once completed successfully run WOTR via the new ‘Wings Over The Reich’ icon on the desktop. WOTR will launch. Go to Workshop menu and check the version at the bottom right of the workshops screen it should say Version: WOTR Phase 1 V1.18 Important: Remove any 3rd Party “MODS” if you have some installed, then install this new update. Optionally, afterwards re-apply any Mods but only if they are compatible (check with the MOD author).
Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.18 1) Bf109 E4 now has animated leading edge slats and associated ‘snap’ sounds :) - these extend around stall conditions and give a small improvement to lift. 2) Hurricane Mk I (late) model improvements - new improved Dzus cowling / wing panel fasteners designed to now match skin camouflage colours - plus wing fillet improvement and other minor tweaks. The latest update includes all of the following too; 9 July 2019 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.17 1) Spitfire Mk Ia model, external radiator flaps animated. 2) Fixed BF109 damage skins for JG2, JG26, JG27. Added JG51 thanks to Robert W. 25 June 2019 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.16 1) Small Modelling fixes for Hurricane, BF109 and JU88 2) Simulation and Physics now continues after player has landed. Player can now restart engine after landing and game physics is no longer halted. 3) The 'WOTR is a real time simulation' prompt is now only displayed when player initiates the return back to main campaign menu, and not for any other exit reason. 4) Implemented a new version of WOTRKeys (our key and controller binding program) to account for poor naming convention of VKB joysticks (they have leading or trailing spaces in Joystick device name as reported to Windows which causes problems). Should help with newer VKB Gunfighter and others. 5) Revised Scenery Object Lighting 6) Fixed an issue with grassland not showing light snow cover in Autumn Light Snow and Winter Light Snow QC overrides (Only really affected use of Winter in QC, as it’s not used in BoB campaign). 7) Revised Autumn and Winter Light Snow, and Winter Full Snow terrain tiles. 8) Fixed a text/font overlap issue in manual enlistment GUI. 9) Additional BF109 squadron aircraft skins for JG 26 and JG 27 (many thanks to Robert). and of course also contains all of the previous additions and fixes: 29 April 2019 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.15 1) Spitfire model, small improvements and FM improvements (better stall recovery) 2) Hurricane FM improvements (better stall recovery) 3) BF109 model minor improvements 4) Various Skin fixes 5) Added JG 2 BF109 complete set of squadron aircraft skins (thanks to Robert Wiggins (and Nolan)). 12 April 2019 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.14 - SPITFIRE VERSION (note incorporates 1.13 that was not released externally). V1.14 INCLUDES THE SPITFIRE Mk IA FLYABLE! 1) Many Landclass improvements (terrain class render). 2) Fixed an issue in the pilots log book display that prevented the aircraft icon from popping up. 3) Enabled Group 10 and Group 12 based squadrons to take part in the battle/campaign. 4) Implemented far Northern Fields in Britain - mostly 13 Group. 5) The Battle no longer ends for British Squadrons sent North to 13 Group for re-equipment - players can simply continue to fly the routine patrols at the re-equipment location or time advance back to the action. 6) Implemented a time advance option 'To Active' which automatically advances an inactive squadron that is re-equipping to active duty. Note it may be that the battle ends without a squadron ever returning to active duty! 7) Time Advance button is now forced to be on always. 8) Fixed some Squadron database errors. 9) Form up at action directives is no longer circular - the aircraft will form up in transit to next waypoint. Note: form up at non action directives or after action whilst in transit may still be circular! 10) Added drivers to the Bedford and Opel Blitz trucks. 11) Increased various buildings and hangars hardness levels. 12) Fixed a GUI issue with aircraft stats on Campaign Enlist screen 13) ADDED SPITFIRE Mk IA FLYABLE plus many new Spitfire squadron skins (thanks Robert!) 14) Landing Improvements - Aircraft will now park closer to each other after landing. - Aircraft will orbit at a slower speed to conserve fuel when waiting for landing clearance - especially noticeable at airfields with low lane counts. - Airfield number of landing lane allocations optimised for quickest landing efficiency to conserve fuel. 15) Fixed an issue with RAF 64 squadron - it was allocated Hurricanes instead of Spitfires for BoB. 16) Removed a Barrage Balloon site that was too near Hornchurch airfield which caused aircraft collisions on landing. 17) Time Advance summary now includes Rank and Name of pilots killed and or wounded in sorties. 18) Fixed an issue with the wheel rolling sounds playing at low volume when aircraft is stationary. 19) Stall sound durations now shortened. 20) Addressed an issue that sometimes caused incorrect destroyed aircraft accounting. 21) Decreased Parking space of landing aircraft further and fixed a bug in the landing lane assignment routine - please see 14) above. Further improvements on Home Field search for Landing - see V1.10 - 1). 22) Patrols and Scrambles now use the Loiter waypoint to patrol an area - patrol time at target now varies from 10 to 15 minutes. 23) Calibrated all aircraft fuel consumptions. 24) Improved engine reliability for all aircraft types. 25) Fixed an issue in QC mission 'save as scenario' that prevented the weather from being changed in QS. 26) Squads on re-equip no longer patrol factories due to distance issues. 27) Fixed an issue whereby Scramble missions would sometimes not have enemies to intercept. Note they are not always exactly where specified nor are they always there at exactly the same time as player so player may still miss them! 28) Auto enlistment for Britain is now limited to Group 11 sector only. 29) Hurricane Mk I Late - Improved, now has new boost showing 16 lbs max gauge (only 12 max used) as per the new Spitfire Mk Ia. 30) Added JG3 BF109 E4 squadron skins - thanks Nolan. We plan to release more skins in a future update (TBC - subject to change). 31) BF109 E4 - Fixed the missing glass in the small front side panels when viewed from inside the cockpit. This patch also of course INCLUDES ALL THE PREVIOUS UPDATES: 11 March 2019 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.12 1) Implemented AI aircraft start-up sounds - all craft - at code level. 2) Balanced AI engine sound levels 3) Some Spitfire skin mapping issues addressed 4) QC - Fighters will now attack the chosen target type when the situation "Attack" is selected 5) Correctly implemented Flak ROF reduction on Bofors 40mm gun (was incorrectly done in V1.8) 6) QC - Player position in flight now is now based on 'Player Flight Position' workshop selection settings. This setting allows the player to optionally fly as an ordinary member of the flight, rather than leading it. Good for those who want to be targeted less often (you are less of a threat, not the first to merge, and not a leader). 7) Fixed a low level xml bug in Effects file 8) Increased Morale of QC AI pilots (Skill dependant) and revised base morale values 9) Aircraft can now navigate tighter and closer mission waypoints. 10) QC now has improved AI directives and target criteria for the chosen QC type 11) Fixed an issue whereby Dive Bombers would sometimes lose altitude on each bombing run/pass and eventually would no longer drop ordnance. 12) Fighters undertaking ground attack directives will no longer climb back up to mission waypoint altitude for each successive pass. 13) Included some more Scenarios. 14) Fixed a crash bug that sometimes occurred with Collision Avoidance against objects above ground level. 15) Implemented the option of running the Mission Scenarios at 'Default Scenario Weather' settings (in mission file). 16) Fixed an issue that prevented the Quick Scenario Mission details from displaying correctly. 17) Revised some damage sounds that would incorrectly play in a loop and were audible at large distances. 18) Now wind rush sound will play in external view if close to aircraft when engine is off - player craft only. 19) Improved Wooded areas in France - also corrected a patch issue whereby the increased Wooded areas in England (V1.2) had been dropped from the cumulative patch at V1.8 onwards. 9 January 2019 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.11 1) Improved FPS over London with the higher Scenery Density settings. 2) Addressed a "setup mission other enemy flight has errored" database crash issue that sometimes occurred on heavy campaign settings and regional flights on. 3) Addressed an issue that would sometimes prevent a pilot from 'dying' correctly after bailing out. Outcomes stated ‘shook up’ and next mission could incorrectly be flown. Also includes all the following updates; 31 December 2018 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.10 1) Addressed an issue that sometimes caused flights to land at the wrong airfield. 2) Further Terrain Tile improvements - Spring Summer and Autumn no snow. 3) Fixed some Hurricane RAF 303 aircraft skins damage. Fixed ‘Stanford-Tuck’ custom player skin. 21 December 2018 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.9 1) Implemented Workshop Settings to disable Regional Flights in Campaign for lower end PCs - default is off. 2) Implemented Workshop Settings to disable On Alert Flights (aircraft waiting at airfields for incoming enemy aircraft) in Campaign for lower end PCs - default is off. 3) Implemented Workshop Settings to disable Large Combined Formations of Flights in Campaign for lower end PCs - default is on. 4) German Bomber Flights will now sometimes form up as one large offensive force. At other times they will vector in on separate and sometimes very different flight paths - this to simulate the difficulties of multiple flights meeting up in WW2. 5) Fixed an issue that allocated Top Cover Fighters to AI German Bomber Flights instead of Escort Fighters 6) Escorting Fighters will now not always be assigned to bombers - this to simulate the difficulties of meeting up in WW2 and the limited fuel capacity of 109s. 7) Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented 'Second Waves' of aircraft from being set up correctly. 8) Incoming Raids can now sometimes fail to locate the correct target. 9) British Fighters will now not always find the enemy on Scramble missions (to simulate poor RDF data) 10) Revised Bomber Formation and spacing. 11) Revised Terrain Tiles, improved blending of some tiles for all seasons. 12) Added more optimisations to aircraft models to aid performance. 13) Fixed a landing issue at Hermelingen airfield 10 December 2018 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.8 1) Improved aircraft collision avoidance. 2) Reduced number of fighters that can attack the same enemy aircraft. 3) Improved multi-skin error logging - improved multi-skin application software - Skins will now be applied to as many aircraft in A and B flight as possible as opposed to stopping on the first one that has an error (skin missing incorrect name etc). - Skins with missing accompanying damage skins will no longer be applied and vice versa. 4) Revised BF110 FM - it is now less manoeuvrable. 5) Hurricane Mk Ia model mapping tweaks to allow new skins to work properly. 6) Fixed an issue that prevented Scramble Missions flight time from being tallied up in Pilot Total Flight Time 7) Increased Air Activity around Players Target 8) Increased Bomber formation sizes for the assault phases of BoB. (‘Attack on Fighter Command ‘ onwards). 9) Increased 109 Escort Flights for assault Phases of BoB 10) Reduced 40mm Flak gun RoF 11) Added and updated over 280 new squadron skins for Hurricane aircraft. Also includes all of the previous ; 21 November 2018 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.7 1) Implemented Player squadron skin support for up to 11 AI unique skins in the players squadron flights - additional to the player’s aircraft skin. These are applied across both A and B Flights of the player’s squad. Skins can be made for this by the WOTR community, some are under way currently see the next item below. Also see further below after 4) for a more detailed explanation on this for skinners. 2) Included in this patch are over 160 unique individual Hurricane Mk Ia squadron skins! These are in squadron ‘sets’ and will work with the above new feature. Robert Wiggins and Nolan Bryant have worked hard to complete these squadrons so far, for use with the above new feature. Many thanks guys! Hurricane squadrons included currently able to use this new feature : RAF 1, 17, 32, 43, 56, 79, 85, 87, 111, 145, 151. Other squadrons will just use defaults and their AI flight members will use the same skin as before until more skins are made. More plus Me109 to follow if all goes well. 3) Fixed a bug in the manual enlistment screen that prevented the selection of another squad if the player tried to enlist in a squad that was not operable. 4) Hurricane Mk Ia minor model tweak. More information on item 1) : In addition to the player’s aircraft skin, 11 unique squadron aircraft textures/skins can be auto-assigned now to the players squadron aircraft. The player's flight (B Flight) aircraft will be assigned unique skins first. Non-used available player squadron skins will also populate ‘A’ Flight too in the current mission. They are assigned by the WOTR ‘manager’ automatically based on the squadron name. EXAMPLE: Using RAF 56 SQUADRON as an example you would need these texture/skins available in C:\OBDSoftware\WOTR\OBDWW2 Wings Over The Reich\campaigns\CampaignData\Skins folder (the default is shown) : Hurricane_MKIa_RAF 56 USC.dds Player skin. The first skin alphabetically is auto chosen that matches “Hurricane_MKIa_RAF 56..” Note no “PL” in the name. Hurricane_MKIa_RAF 56 USC_damage2.dds - all skins must have matching damage2.dds Hurricane_MKIa_A0_RAF 56.dds WINGMAN aircraft skin Hurricane_MKIa_A0_RAF 56_Damage2.dds Hurricane_MKIa_A1_RAF 56.dds AI pilot # 1 (B Flight, or A Flight) Hurricane_MKIa_A1_RAF 56_Damage2.dds … etc up to … Hurricane_MKIa_A9_RAF 56.dds AI pilot # 9 (B Flight, or A Flight) Hurricane_MKIa_A9_RAF 56_Damage2.dds [EDIT since 1.19 in the example you now also need 4 more aircraft skins; Hurricane_MKIa_AA_RAF 56.dds Hurricane_MKIa_AB_RAF 56.dds Hurricane_MKIa_AC_RAF 56.dds Hurricane_MKIa_AD_RAF 56.dds PLUS their respective _Damage2.dds textures as above.] Hurricane_MKIa_AP_RAF 56.dds Spare - used for any remaining B or A flight AI aircraft that Hurricane_MKIa_AP_RAF 56_damage2.dds have no Ax skin available. Very occasionally may be used more than once if flight member numbers are excessive. More skins need to be created of course to cover all squadrons, and if all goes well for ME109 squadrons too. Others may make their own skins as long as they are created in a similar. (Ed note: 29th Apri 2019: JG 3 has been added to V1.15 see above!). This patch of course Includes all previous patches as below: 2 November 2018 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.6 1) Implemented Defensive manoeuvres for straggling bombers: Note: a) Bombers will try to stay in formation to maintain strength in numbers - thus they will rely initially on mutual defensive fire and hold formation as long as possible. b) Once they have decided to flee and or break formation, stragglers that are attacked, will try to evade in random directions. c) They will not always evade - they have to have seen the enemy coming and have sufficient control to do evasive manoeuvres as well as sufficient morale and skill levels. 2) Changed the Campaign System to generate slightly more flights in the players region of ops. 3) Enabled ‘Heavy’ campaign density for those with high end PCs. 4) Hurricane Mk Ia texture mapping issue fixed 5) Fixed an issue that resulted in 'unknown' aircraft being reported in Mission Details for AI pilots. 6) Fixed an issue with the Ju88 damage system IDs (no effect in runtime that player would notice) 19 October 2018 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.5 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.5 1) Fixed an issue with the new AP craft engine sounds. 2) Fixed a text display issue in the campaign duty roster interface when the player selects the new 'Never Leads' mode. 16 October 2018 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.4 1) Improved Low level LODs for Heinkel and Hurricane 2) Bf109 - (1) Fixed typo on Instrument panel, also minor improvements for night instruments. - (2) Removed Iron Sight view to allow quicker F6 toggle from front view to gunsight. 3) Implemented 'AP' aircraft for player squadron AI craft to have a unique skin if available (see notes below) Update 22 November 2018: This was improved drastically with update V1.7 see above for that info 4) Hurricane Mk Ia improved Boost dial anim to show 3lb and 6lb boost. WEP unchanged gives full boost. 5) Aircraft now stop in place correctly when colliding with tall buildings. 6) Ground Object Collisions Revised: The hardness of the ground object that the aircraft is colliding with is now taken into account together with the speed of impact. 7) Damaged Prop Strike sound should no longer play in a loop when craft comes to a halt with prop in contact with ground. 8) Increased the Patrol area from 20km to +-30 km (to help with AI deciding to land at certain waypoints as opposed to loiter an area etc). 9) Implemented a 'Player Never Leads' option in Workshops. Notes for point 3 : Now auto deployed Squadron skins are deployed to player, and a different skin to flight members if available in the Skins folder (…WOTR\OBDWW2 Wings Over The Reich\campaigns\CampaignData\Skins) INFO CHANGED : Update 22 November 2018: This was improved drastically with update V1.7 - please see above patch V1.7 notes for that new info. Note does not give unique skins to all flight members just auto deploys a different skin to the player. Note a player you can still choose another custom skin in QC screen (or Campaign stores/‘workshop area, or when in mission briefing). Also includes all the following previos patches; Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.3 : 1) Fixed a naming issue with the German Cross Medal. 2) Fixed some skin mapping issues with the Hurricane. 3) ME109 mixture control is now automatic at the aircraft level - users no longer need to change the workshops Auto Mixture setting to achieve this for the 109. and of course includes ALL previous updates: 24 September 2018 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.2 : 1) Revised Radio sounds for 'indistinct' enemy spotted direction calls. 2) Revised Hurricane Mk Ia Gun reticule. 3) Increased volume of open canopy wind sound and revised. 4) Fixed an issue that prevented the wooded areas in England from rendering. 12 September 2018 Contents and Improvements in WOTR V1.1 : 1) Fixed Wheel Contact Points on Hurricane and some minor BF109 cockpit model tweaks. 2) Revised 303 gun sounds. 3) Revised Bailout sound. 4) WOTR Key Bindings improvements (V1.5d): a) Increased dead-band for axis recognition when binding, to take into account that users often do not calibrate their joysticks or rudder bars etc b) Implemented an Axis 'Invert' Function to reverse the axis action. (Left click the axis and press the Advanced button - the Invert button makes the scale negative) c) Automatically removes trailing spaces in the Device ID name for the VKB Joysticks (such as VKBsim Gladiator, VKB Gunfighter Vintage) and clones (Ravcore Javelin etc), also VKB Throttles and Rudder Bars - users of these devices must 'Reset to Default' then rebind and finally 'Save' again to fix the issue. 5) Incorporated the Key Guide - see the \OBDSoftware\WOTR\documentation folder - (default location) its also available for download on the Support page on this website. 6) Fixed a Quick Combat issue that under certain circumstances caused the game to crash when selecting bombers and load-outs in the Players second flight. 7) Updated DX9 Shaders - Fixes some stability issues and resolves some specular mapping limitations.



See below History of Changes below for a list of what is new in this patch.
Interesting snippet: Since WOTR’s initial release in September 2018 until October 2019 we have released over 184 improvements, new features and fixes including the FREE flyable Spitfire Mk IA !

IMPORTANT NOTE : Back up any personal skins you may have

made before installing V1.19 as skins will be deleted to allow

new ones to be installed!

INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS FOR UPDATES Download the required update /patch, and save it to a folder on your hard drive. Make sure it has fully downloaded (check the size is correct). Then open the downloaded zip file. You must "Extract" or copy the file inside the zip to a new folder location on your hard drive - do NOT try to run it from within the zip. IMPORTANT: Make sure you exit Wings Over The Reich (‘WOTR’) completely if it is running. In Windows Explorer browse to the folder you extracted the file to, and double click on the new update patch file to install the patch. (Windows 10 : if you get a pop up titled "Windows protected your PC" click on "more info" and then click "Run Anyway" to run it). Follow the prompts to install. Once completed successfully run WOTR via the new ‘Wings Over The Reich’ icon on the desktop. WOTR will launch. Go to Workshop menu and check the version at the bottom right of the workshops screen it should say Version: WOTR Phase 1 V1.19 Important: Remove any 3rd Party “MODS” if you have some installed, then install this new update. We recommend you fly without any MODS initially so you can appreciate what has changed, as many older MODS may be incompatible and break new items. Optionally, afterwards re-apply any Mods but only if they have been verified as compatible via the MOD author. Many older MODS could overwrite new files and give you a worse experience
NOTE The latest patch always includes ALL previous updates Newest additions shown first:
25 October 2019 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.19 : A large free update with many improvements, and fixes; 1) Formation spacing is now selectable in workshops : Tight (default - 0.9x formation separation values), Tighter (0.8x formation separation values), and Tightest(0.7x). 2) Map Player Aircraft Icon can now be switched on and off in workshops. 3) Implemented tighter Formations and revised formation layouts to be more historically accurate - see 1) above. 4) All AI air formations now comprise of the normal multiples of 3 or 4 craft as dictated by Nation and Aircraft Type i.e. 'sections' and 'schwarms' for British and German fighters respectively, and 'kette' for German bombers. Player squadrons total pilot complement for British squads ins now 16 Pilots and 12 for German. Players may still use existing pilot dossiers which have 15 British pilots and 14 German Pilots total complement, but ideally should start new pilots. Note that if using older pilots prior to V1.19 update, the sections that are allocated each mission all still work to the new V1.19 section rules system. 5) Player air formations now comprise of multiples of 'sections' or 'schwarms' depending on player nation and is displayed as such in the duty roster of the campaign interface etc 6) All QC flights are now increased to 12 aircraft to allow allocation of up to 4 'sections' or 3 'schwarms' in the flights complete with the correct section names in runtime. 7) The new Section names for the player squadron now form part of the AI aircraft Identity Label in run time. 8) Implemented progressive damage modelling on Player Aircraft and AI, for Main Tank Fuel Leak (fire Risk if engine not switched off) and Pilot. 9) Implemented progressive damage effects for Engine Oil and Coolant system damage to engine on player aircraft for more visual cues. 10) Implemented TAC messages for the player aircraft for the new progressive damage modelling. 11) Cloud edge clipping in cockpit view is now eliminated. 12) QC mission waypoints now vary randomly from QC mission to QC mission when appropriate. 13) British Player Flights now vector straight to the target area rather than going via the reported enemy ingress point - to conserve fuel. 14) British Player Flights no longer return to base via the reported(vectored) enemy egress point - to conserve fuel. 15) Search pattern in a vectored area, or on patrol, are now reverted to the original 3 point waypoint pattern around the target area, (rather than a simple circular loiter) - it will randomly vary in direction: CW and CCW and start end point location - see V1.14 change notes below section 10) 16) There are no longer two separate formations for the player squadron 'A and B' 'flights' in runtime - the squadron now flies as one combined formation. 17) 4 Pilots of the total complement of 16 in the British squadrons are in a reserve pool and only get put into duty when required due to squadron shortages. German squads have no reserve pool. 18) The player's squadron always puts up the maximum number of complete 'sections' that they can muster under the circumstances - so squads without a full complement of pilots due to death missing , low aircraft due to losses etc will still fly and fight but with reduced complement. Only when the players squad is reduced to less than one flyable section are missions 'put off' until more craft or pilots come in as needed - T+ 19) Player squad members now always fly with the same aircraft/skin untill they are killed or missing then the craft will be reallocated as a new squadron member comes in. Reserve pilots will be allocated to duty until such time as the new pilot becomes available. 20) Increased the altitude that the Spitfires fly Patrols or Scrambles at to ensure they act more as top cover for the Hurris, when scrambled. 21) Implemented a new workshop setting: Historical Squadron Complement (max 4 British Sections or 3 German Sections in Player formation) or: Reduced Squadron Complement (Max 2 British Sections or 2 German Sections in player formation) - to aid users with lower end PCs. 22) Tweaked the large formations (must be enabled in workshops - Medium and Heavy Air Activity setting only) to get closer to a BoB feel in terms of bombers and supporting 109s. Note these larger big wing formations only appear in the last 3 phases of the battle and will not happen every scramble mission. 23) Fixed an issue that prevented skins from displaying correctly when Aircraft Skin Res is set to High in Workshops. 24) Various performance improvements. 25) Scramble missions now have the RDF data displayed to the player in the briefing interface - Vector bearing, Distance, Height of Enemy craft, and direction that they are coming from. 26) Scramble missions now fly directly to the Vectored incoming enemy flight. 27) Night time reticle light lens (Spit and Hurri) now not as bright. 28) Various Spitfire and Hurricane model improvements. 29) Revised German Ranks - will automatically update when a pilot dossier is used in campaign. Note: Old Pilot Dossiers created prior to V1.19, when viewed in the Pilot Dossier Interface, will still display the old Rank until the dossier is used in campaign. 30) Fixed an issue that sometimes allowed engine damage sounds for AI aircraft to be heard in the players cockpit. 31) Reduced distance that Stuka Dive siren can be heard. 32) Player will now always be low in the ranking list until he has flown 5 missions if he enlists as a Rookie, irrespective of his Rank, when Player position By Rank is selected in workshops - players can override as they see fit or enlist as a Veteran. 33) Adjusted various sound levels. 34) Town terrain Tile updates. 35) Revised Pilot attrition rates when time advancing a week or a month (Note these are 'simulation runs' for when player advances time - to better match BoB attrition rates). 36) Fixed an issue in the aircraft training files that caused the AI Spitfires and AI 109s, when in formation, to climb too slowly between waypoints. 37) Addressed an issue that would still log a squadron as 'grounded by weather' despite player selecting Inclement Weather Flyable in workshops - missions were flown, but log incorrectly still recorded grounded. 38) Addressed an issue that would sometimes prevent the player from switching to cockpit view when starting at certain airfields in external view. 39) Implemented RDF data update for player: Controller 'Update RDF Data Request' if available. Radio sounds are played as appropriate. Currently in WOTR the command is set to "Shift + A" Default key allocation post patch, should player reset key commands to Default, will be " Ctrl + Shift + V " Player can bind to any preference as usual with the WOTRKeys app. How it works: 1) Player must be leader to call for an RDF data update - an audio radio call is played. 2) If there is an enemy formation within nominal range of the player, updated RDF data is relayed via text in the TAC and or message display area and an audio radio call is played. 3) If no RDF data update is available then the player is informed that no RDF data update is available via text and an audio radio call to this fact is played. 4) The Player does not have to steer to the updated RDF contact and may continue to the mission search/target area, or the original briefing RDF vector as desired. 5) Requesting RDF data update does not only apply to Scrambles missions. Players can call for RDF data update at any time in any mission, and data will be relayed if enemy formations are within players nominal range. 6) Nominal Range: this to ensure that player is not directed to attack all/any enemy formations in the theater but only those within reasonable 'striking distance' of player. 7) If it is a Scramble mission then RDF data is available to assist player to get from Airfield to Target area (once airborne) and then provide more accurate RDF data to actual Target Intercept. 8) Does not apply to German aircraft. 40) Tac Mission Waypoint Direction is now in the standard 360 degrees 'compass bearing' as opposed to +-180 degs - to match RDF bearings in 40) and 3D compass in aircraft. 41) Fixed an issue with the 'Bandits Spotted' direction call - it did not always correctly take into account the player flight heading. 42) Improved TAC feedback re 'engine starting' on low fuel, damaged engine and or when player has landed in a field (not airfield) and tries to restart the engine. 43) Improved aircraft 'death physics'. 44) Fixed the Hud Metric airspeed display for 109 - affected users must cycle the settings for HUD Display in workshops for the change to take effect. 45) Fixed a database error in RAF92. 46) Revised Loadouts for BF110 and JU87. 47) Removed Step Animation from Hurricane. 48) Spitfires and Hurricanes no longer use Flaps when taking off. 49) Spitfires, Hurricanes and BF109s no longer have Tail Wheel locks. 50) Spitfires now only use wep when taking off on short runways. 51) Removed JG20 which reformed as JG51 at the start of the BoB - players with existing Pilots in JG20 will automatically be migrated to JG51 post patch. 52) Overhauled Hurricane and Spitfire skins - updated 109 skins - thanks Robert! Note you must back up any personal skins that you may have made before installing V1.19 as it DELETES ALL SKINS! 53) Revised Engine start effect - smoke no longer drifts in the prop wash. 54) Implemented revised textures on many airfield buildings and hangars.
NOTE The latest patch always includes ALL previous updates (see previous below)
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WOTR Update V1.19 is now available please see the full sized website via a desktop PC or laptop to actually download them. THE UPDATE ALSO INCLUDES THE FREE FLYABLE SPITFIRE MKIA


25 October 2019 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.19 : A large free update with many superb improvements,and fixes; Please see the main website on a larger screen for details. 54 changes!